Active Healthy Places: Spaces Where You Feel Welcome to Linger & Active Transportation is an Easy Option

The intersection of human health and human movement is a public place where:

  • Health professionals respond to illnesses related to inactivity,
  • Land Use and Transportation planners consider connectivity for walking and bicycling in the context of community health.  And,
  • Communities fight to attract the very brightest and talented by creating a sense of place with streets and plazas that encourage visitors and residents to linger, walk, or ride a bike to their destination.

bicycles, on the Big Dam Bridge, Pulaski County, AR

  • Aren’t we all rediscovering our feet?
  • Come explore developments in Active Healthy Communities.
  • Consider how Active Transportation brings your community  health and wellness benefits and find the economic and social rewards that come from making the place you call home, a livable, walkable community.

Bicycle, Pappajohn Sculpture Park, downtown Des MoinesThe science is clear.
Getting active improves your health, and quality of life.  People all over the world are choosing to get active–one step at a time–one trip at a time. 


Active Living Is The Healthy Option-Restore Human Habitat, One Step At A Time…The materials found on this site can help inform the choices you make where you live or work. Start a movement movement of your own. It is all here…